New Item: Integrates with Brivo to Address Workplace Violence by Automating Threat Detection in Access Control –

MENLO PARK, Calif., June 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —, the computer vision intelligence company, today announced an integration with Brivo, a leading provider in cloud-based access control and smart building technologies. Brivo Access will now deliver automated intelligence powered by to visually verify physical access control system (PACs) alerts to reduce false alarms, accelerate threat response, and free up security resources to focus on legitimate security threats. The partnership allows organizations to further streamline security operations, ultimately saving time and lives.

Access control management has become a top priority for enterprise physical security teams as organizations grapple with an increase in workplace violence incidents. The average enterprise experiences millions of PACs alarms every year, many of which do not require human intervention. In addition, PACs are unable to detect early warning threat indicators that occur without a hardware read, such as loitering or tailgating.

“Brivo Access has led the security industry in access control and access management solutions, equipping their customers with critical information about access points,” said Shikhar Shrestha, CEO and co-founder of “Our integration with Brivo allows the platform to automatically connect with access readers to correlate PACs events with surveillance video feeds analyzed by computer vision intelligence. The result is a rich contextual understanding of surveillance events that enables accurate, automated alert dispositioning and the capture of access threat signatures not typically available through PACs alone.” applies computer vision intelligence to existing camera infrastructure, delivering near human-level visual perception with a context-aware understanding of threat signatures that require human intervention to prevent a serious security incident. When combined with Brivo Access, is able to extract additional context from camera video footage and automatically fill in the details surrounding a hardware event with computer automated analysis. What’s more, alerts customers to additional threat signatures that are identified through computer vision analysis, but may not trigger a hardware event and impact access security.

“Access control is a critical component of the smart buildings operations technology stack,” said Steve Van Till, founder and CEO of Brivo. “Combining our cloud-based system with’s contextual understanding of video footage will better enable our customers to improve safety operations and focus on the high-priority events that require human intervention.”

Customers utilizing the joint solution report dramatic improvements to their threat detection and response, as well as a significant reduction in false alarm volume. Since implementing together with Brivo Access, NorCal Cannabis, one of the largest vertically integrated cannabis operators in California, has experienced an 88% reduction in the volume of invalid badge read alerts. With the automated visual verification of PACs alarms delivered by, enterprise organizations can free their security teams from mundane tasks and enable personnel to focus on incident response.

About is a computer vision intelligence company transforming enterprise security operations to prevent security incidents before they happen. The platform applies AI and computer vision intelligence to existing sensor and camera infrastructure to deliver continuous physical security monitoring and automate the immediate dispatch of human resources. is the first platform that goes beyond basic motion detection and image recognition to achieve near-human perception with automated situational context. To learn more about and computer vision intelligence, visit

About Brivo
Brivo, Inc. created the cloud-based access control and smart spaces technology category over 20 years ago and remains the global leader serving commercial real estate, multifamily residential and large distributed enterprises. The company’s comprehensive product ecosystem and open API provide businesses with powerful digital tools to increase security automation, elevate employee and tenant experience and improve the safety of all people and assets in the built environment. Brivo’s building access platform is now the digital foundation for the largest collection of customer facilities in the world, occupying over 300 million square feet across 42 countries. On November 10, 2021, Brivo entered into a definitive merger agreement with Crown PropTech Acquisitions (: CPTK), which is anticipated to close in Q3 2022, subject to shareholder approvals and other closing conditions. The merger will result in Brivo becoming a publicly listed company on the New York Stock Exchange under the new ticker symbol “BRVS.” Additional information about the transaction can be viewed here:
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New Item: USPOULTRY gives a look at the upcoming sessions at the 2022 National Safety Conference – Supermarket Perimeter

TUCKER, GA. — Georgia Tech Research Institute/ATRP and the US Poultry & Egg Association (USPOULTRY) are cosponsoring the National Safety Conference for the Poultry Industry, which will be held Aug. 15-17 at the Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa in Destin, Fla. The conference aims to give poultry facility and safety professionals resources to promote health and protection of personnel.

The 2022 National Safety Conference planning committee includes Adrienne Allison, Tyson Foods Inc.; Darrell Bradfield, Butterball LLC; Doug Britton, Georgia Institute of Technology; Cindy Camp, Harrison Poultry Inc.; Frank Cruice, Perdue Farms; Josh Dozier, Simmons Foods Inc.; James Ferrell, Foster Farms; Ronnie Franklin, Fieldale Farms Corp.; Reggie McLee, Wayne Farms LLC; Kyle Price, Farbest Foods Inc.; David Schaller, Darling Ingredients Inc.; Lori Springer, Maple Leaf Farms; Larry Stine, Wimberly Lawson Steckel Schneider & Stine. P.C.; and Kari Waters, Pilgrim’s.

“This year’s National Safety Conference will include key presentations on important industry topics and updates on government policy,” said Adrienne Allison, program committee chairperson and Tyson’s safety director. “Highlights will include a presentation on safety’s response in an avian influenza outbreak, a workplace violence panel, whole health after injury and managing heat stress. This is a great opportunity for furthering education and connecting with your peers.”

Other topics and sessions include:

  • A Safety Leader’s Professional Development Journey
  • Incident Investigation Training
  • What Should Safety Professionals Be Asking?
  • Safety Innovation Winners Best Practices
  • Safety’s Role During Crisis Events
  • Ask a Lawyer
  • Announcement of Safety Innovation Awards

The full agenda with more information can be found on the USPOULTRY website.

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New Item: ‘It’s going to save a lot of lives’: Inside the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act – The Daily Briefing

President Joe Biden on Saturday signed a bipartisan gun reform bill into law, marking the “most significant” gun safety legislation in three decades—a move physician, nurse, and hospital groups across the nation praised as a “meaningful” step to address gun violence as a public health crisis.

Infographic: Strategies to stop workplace violence before it occurs

Biden signs into law the ‘most significant’ gun safety bill in almost 30 years 

Last week, the House of Representatives and Senate passed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act—marking the first time in almost 30 years Congress has passed major gun safety legislation. 

The bipartisan bill, which includes measures to limit access to guns among young adults, individuals who have committed acts of domestic violence, and individuals who are considered a danger to themselves or society, was then sent to President Biden, who signed the measure into law on Saturday, noting that it was the “most significant” gun violence legislation in almost three decades.

According to President Biden, the bipartisan package does not include “everything” he wanted, but “it’s going to save a lot of lives.”

“It funds crisis intervention, including ‘red flag’ laws. It keeps guns out of the hands of people who are a danger to themselves and to others,” Biden said. “And it finally closes what is known as ‘the boyfriend loophole.’ So if you assault your boyfriend or girlfriend, you can’t buy a gun or own a gun.”

Under the law, individuals ages 18 to 21 will be required to undergo enhanced background checks. It also enforces more robust laws against gun trafficking and straw purchases, and more clearly outlines who must register to be a federally licensed gun dealer and perform background checks before they can legally sell a weapon.

The legislation also includes measures related to mental health. It will provide funding to address the “youth mental health crisis,” while focusing on survivors of gun violence, and investing in anti-violence programs.

In particular, the legislation will provide $750 million to help states develop and run crisis intervention programs, $200 million in grants under the Stop School Violence Act, and $200 million to enhance the National Criminal Instant Background Check System. An additional $250 million will be invested in initiatives that address community violence and prevention. Millions of dollars will also be allocated to help improve pediatric mental health in schools.

Notably, the House approved the measure exactly one month after a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, killed 19 children and two teachers, sparking outrage around the country and a call to action from advocates and families.

“From Columbine to Sandy Hook, to Charleston, Orlando, Las Vegas, Parkland, El Paso, Atlanta, Buffalo, Uvalde, and for the shootings that happen every day in the streets,” the message from Americans was simple, Biden said: “‘Do something … for God’s sake, just do something.’ Well today we did.”

“This bipartisan legislation will help protect Americans,” he said. “Kids in schools and communities will be safer because of it.”

The health care industry responds

After the legislation was sent to President Biden, physician, nurse, and hospital groups praised Congress for taking “meaningful action” to address what many have recognized as a growing public health crisis, MedPage Today reports.

“Every day, emergency physicians shoulder the honor of being on the front lines while bearing the responsibility of treating the victims of firearms violence. We bear witness to this public health crisis and see firsthand how deeply it affects the lives of our patients, their families, and the communities we serve,” said Gillian Schmitz, president of the American College of Emergency Physicians.

“We thank Congress for taking these concrete steps to improve the safety and well-being of all Americans, including our children and victims of domestic abuse,” Schmitz added.

Separately, the American Medical Association (AMA) said it was pleased to see the bill signed into law. “[F]or the first time in nearly three decades, new measures to confront the public health crisis of gun violence are law. This law will save lives,” said AMA President Jack Resneck, Jr., noting that there are more than 40,000 people killed by firearms every year.

Ernest Grant, president of the American Nurses Association, also praised the passage of the “landmark gun safety legislation that will take meaningful action to address serious public health crises in the United States,” and noted that nurses “know firsthand the horrible toll that guns have taken on our families and communities.”

Similarly, Bruce Siegel, president and CEO of America’s Essential Hospitals, released a statement about the legislation. “The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act offers hope to our nation and to its health care workers, who face increased personal risk as caregivers often on the front lines of workplace violence. It would make needed investments in behavioral health care for youth and families and resources for providers, including for telehealth, community clinics, and mental health training,” Siegel said. (Cochrane/Kanno-Youngs, New York Times, 6/25; Firth, MedPage Today, 6/25; Cochrane, New York Times, 6/24; Schnell, The Hill, 6/24; NPR, 6/24; AHA News, 6/24)

Source: Ross Arrowsmith

New Item: Ohio legislation looks to prevent workplace violence in health care settings – Safety+Health magazine

Columbus, OH — Legislation recently introduced in the Ohio Statehouse would direct health care employers to develop and implement a workplace violence prevention plan within six months.

H.B. 681, introduced by Rep. Casey Weinstein (D-Hudson), also would require violence prevention and de-escalation training for employees in health care settings, along with volunteers and contracted security personnel. That training would be required no later than 90 days after the implementation of an employer’s plan.

In addition, the bill would direct the Ohio Department of Health to develop a statewide workplace violence reporting system and compile regular statistical reports on all incidents. After employers are made aware of an event, a detailed record would have to be submitted to the state’s director of health within 72 hours. Employers would then have to keep this record for at least five years and make it available for inspection upon request from a state official.


One year after implementation of a workplace violence prevention plan, and every year thereafter, employers would be required to complete a review of the frequency of workplace violence incidents to identify causes, consequences and emerging issues. Based on each review, plans should be adjusted by employers.

“Our doctors and nurses care for us and our families at our most vulnerable moments,” Weinstein said during a recent rally for nurses at the Statehouse. “They give so much of themselves to their patients, and it’s time we show them that we have their backs. Everyone deserves to feel safe in the workplace, and this bill is a step in the right direction.”

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New Item: OSHA Releases Updated Agenda For Rulemaking | Cozen O’Connor – JDSupra – JD Supra

On June 21, 2022, the Department of Labor released the Spring 2022 rulemaking agenda. The dates listed on the schedule are non-binding but reflect priority issues for OSHA.

The newly published agenda makes clear that the much-anticipated heat illness rules remain at the “pre-rule” stage, and it is unclear when the agency will publish proposed rules related to the same. Similarly, rules related to the prevention of workplace violence in health care and social assistance remain delayed, with the current schedule showing a Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act review in September 2022.

However, OSHA has shared a number of target dates for items that it intends to move forward to proposed rules including, but not limited to:

  • A proposed rule for infectious diseases in health care and other high-risk environments with a target date of issuance of mid-2023;
  • A proposed updated lock-out/tag-out rule due to technological advancements for the same with a target date of release of March 2023;
  • A proposed rule clarifying the fit of personal protection equipment in the construction industry currently slated for some time in September 2022; and
  • A proposed rule concerning fall hazards in shipyards, specifically to include scaffolds and ladders slated for December 2022.

A final action for the hazardous communication (or “HazCom”) standard, which could result in stricter labeling requirements, has a target date of December 2022. The recently released proposed rule for recordkeeping and reporting workplace accidents, making changes to the current rules, which have historically seen challenges, may also see a final action as of December 2022. Finally, the higher profile and hotly contested COVID-19 standard for infection prevention in the healthcare industry may be issued as early as September 2022. Review other agenda items and monitor the schedule for the items above here.

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New Item: Libyan rival officials meet for UN-led talks on elections – Oil City Derrick

GENEVA (AP) — Two senior Libyan officials began two days of talks Tuesday on constitutional arrangements for elections, the latest U.N. effort to bridge gaps between the country’s rivals.

Aguila Saleh, the influential speaker of the country’s east-based parliament, and Khaled al-Meshri, head of the government’s Supreme Council of State, based in the west, in the capital of Tripoli, met at the U.N. headquarters in Geneva.

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New Item: McDonald’s Customer Caused $10,000 In Damage Over Chicken Sandwiches: Cops – Newsweek

A McDonald‘s customer in Tennessee allegedly caused $10,000 in damage after he became upset about getting $2 in change and chicken sandwiches, according to police.

The Memphis Police Department (MPD) said they raced to a McDonald’s restaurant in 3149 Thomas Street following reports of a disturbance at 11:30 a.m. on June 19.

In a Monday, June 27, Facebook statement an MPD spokesperson added: “Officers were advised by the staff that a customer was upset about $2 worth of change and chicken sandwiches.

“The suspect made threats to do bodily harm to the female employees, and knocked the cash registers off their stands onto the floor, causing $10,000 worth of damage.”

CCTV images of the man police suspect was behind the attack. The damage was estimated to be around $10,000.
Memphis Police Department handout

According to Memphis police, no arrests had been made as of Monday evening. It added the investigation into the incident was ongoing.

In 2019, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that 20,870 employees in the private industry experienced trauma from non-fatal workplace violence.

It also found 68 percent of those were female, 65 percent were aged 25 to 54, and that 21 percent needed 31 or more days away from work to recover.

The MPD added anyone with any information about the incident should call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH. People who do will be given a secret ID number and their identity will remain anonymous.

Those who want to submit their tips online can do so at where they will be able to review wanted fugitives and safely send investigators any helpful information on the suspect or people responsible for the crime.

Newsweek has contacted the MPD for comment.

Sadly, there have been numerous incidents of workplace violence that have occurred in fast-food restaurants across the U.S. Earlier this month, a McDonald’s employee allegedly shot his manager during an argument at a restaurant in Georgia.

The employee, identified as 21-year-old Christopher Jean-Piere, went on the run shortly after the shooting at the outlet on Moreland Avenue, in Atlanta, on Friday, June 3.

Last month, a McDonald’s worker in Memphis admitted to having pointed a gun at three customers.

Taurean Moy, 20, was working at the McDonald’s when the women walked in after 4 a.m. through an unlocked door and approached the counter to order food. A few minutes later, Moy showed up from the kitchen allegedly holding a handgun with a red T-shirt on the handle.

Authorities said he waived his Miranda rights and confessed his actions in a video statement. He was then charged with three counts of aggravated assault and one count of evading arrest.

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New Item: Gunmen kill 2 policemen, polio worker in northwest Pakistan – Oil City Derrick

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) — Gunmen on motorcycles opened fire on Pakistani police escorting a team of polio workers Tuesday during a door-to-door inoculation campaign in a former Pakistani Taliban stronghold, killing two policemen and a polio worker, police said.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack in North Waziristan, a district in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The attack came a day after the government launched another anti-polio campaign amid a spike in attacks.

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New Item: Workplace violence, rising even before the pandemic, is up 14% at N.J. hospitals – WHYY

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, health care workers were hailed for their efforts to combat the virus. For a time, during citywide lockdowns, they were even cheered daily with the ritual banging of pots and pans.

But a report on workplace violence at New Jersey health care centers shows that, in addition to long hours and overcrowded wards, medical workers also had to deal with physical and verbal abuse at an increasing rate.

New Jersey hospitals say there has been a 14.6% increase in violent incidents in the workplace over the last three years, increasing steadily from 8,691 in 2019 to 9,202 in 2020 to 9,962 last year, according to data released by the New Jersey Hospital Association’s Center for Health Analytics, Research and Transformation. In 2021, that translates to an average of 27 workers being physically or verbally attacked every day.

More than half of those incidents were related to physical abuse, an 11% increase over the past three years. Verbal abuse accounted for 44% of incidents, up 25% since 2019.

NJHA President and CEO Cathy Bennett said “the terrible irony is that those who dedicate their lives to healing others are the targets of increasing violence and aggression,” adding that one can only speculate as to why, and the degree to which pandemic-era tensions and polarization played a role.

Source: Ross Arrowsmith

New Item: Rochester violence intervention model to be expanded across New York – Democrat & Chronicle

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